Phantasy Star Memorial Drama CD: ~Sealed Memories~

The Memorial Drama CD and its accompanying Fanbook were released in 1995. It is an audio story that partially takes place during the timeline of Phantasy Star IV. Bonus: Nei’s voice is Sailor Moon’s voice!

This Drama CD was released with a “Fanbook” that contains production sketches, character information, staff interviews, staff photos, and even fanart! The PDF of this fanbook is available here on (the fanbook is only in Japanese for now)

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Rudy Ashleigh (Age 13)
Voiced by 阪口大助 (Daisuke Sakaguchi)
Voiced by 速水奨 (Hayami Show)
Voiced by 丹下桜 (Sakura Tange)
Voiced by 森川智之 (Toshiyuki Morikawa)
Rudy Ashleigh (Age 16)
Voiced by 阪口大助 (Daisuke Sakaguchi)
Voiced by 野上ゆかな (Yukana Nogami)
Voiced by 三石琴乃 (Kotono Mitsuishi)
Voiced by 来宮良子 (Ryouko Kinomiya)
Voiced by 三石琴乃 (Kotono Mitsuishi)
Voiced by 井上和彦 (Hazuhiko Inoue)
Old Man Roy
Voiced by 永井一郎 (Ichirou Nagai)
Voiced by 岩男潤子 (Junko Iwao)



1. Prologue

[00:00 – 05:49]

Rudy: I’m Rudy, Rudy Ashleigh. I just recently became a hunter. By chance, I’ve been travelling the Algol Star System, and got myself mixed up into a crazy situation. Before I knew it, I left Motavia and ended up going all the way to Dezolis. I met strange people there, and had to fight against all kinds of really tough monsters. Even though it’s turned into this big crazy adventure, I’ve got great friends by my side who I can count on, so I know everything’ll be OK.

Rudy: First there’s Thray, the sorceror. He gets on my nerves a lot, and he’s kind of a jerk, but he is a master of ancient magic — and incredibly powerful. Heh, even though it pains me to admit it.

Thray: Hey twerp, keep that up and I won’t save you anymore.

Rudy: Next up is Forren, an android. Even though he comes in handy during battle, you just can’t really tell what he’s thinking — he’s a weird guy. Honestly, even now I can’t tell what his personality is like.

Forren: Rudy, it is not good for your health to concern yourself with trivial matters.

Rudy: And last up is Fal! Outwardly, she’s a little different from most people, but she’s always glowing and has a smile that never disappears.

Fal: What? Do you mean my ears are long? Hehehe, I don’t mind. They’re my cutest feature!

Rudy: The four of us just arrived at Motavia’s spaceport so that we could use the aero-prism to show us the way towards Ryucross. It’s really far out in space, and we have no idea what could be waiting for us there. So in preparation, Forren is going to do some maintenance on our spaceship Landale. While he’s overhauling the ship, the rest of us are going to take it easy for awhile.

* * *

Rudy: In the far distance, the sun is starting to sink below the horizon. The refractions of light make it look as if the sun were being crushed and flattened, rubbery and distorted. I used to see this kind of sunset all the time when I lived in the town Tiria. When I stare closely at it, it’s as if I start remembering something. A distant memory… What is this feeling?

Rudy staring at the hazy sunset. (Based on a sketch drawn by Yoshibon! from the accomnpanying fanbook. Art by @yumpoplala)

Fal: Rudy! Rudy!

Rudy: Aah, Fal.

Fal: Ooh, awesome! I’ve never seen the sun being crushed like that before! It’s so pretty..! But why is it so distorted? Tell me, tell me, Rudy!

Rudy: Umm..

Thray: Hahahah, Rudy hasn’t a clue.

Fal: Thray, do you know?

Thray: Of course I do.

Fal: Tell me, tell me!

Thray: Umm, ah. Ahem, this is a type of mirage. Motavia is a big planet, but this is a phenomena that you can only see in this area. It probably seems natural to anyone that lives around here.

Fal: Oh.. so the sun isn’t really being crushed, then.

Thray: Of course not! If the sun were really being crushed we’d all be screwed! So how was that, Rudy? Bet ya didn’t know.

Rudy: Eh.. I guess not.

Thray: What’s the matter, Rudy? Usually you’d come back at me with something like “You only know that because Lutz does” or whatever.

Fal: Rudy, did something happen? You’re not your usual self.

Rudy: It’s just that when I look at this sunset, I feel as though I’m about to remember something..

Fal: What do you mean, “something”?

Rudy: I don’t know. A long time ago there was a town called Tiria right around here. Maybe it’s because I used to live there.

Thray: Ah, so you’re a classic case of a kid who’s had an emotionally disturbing and traumatic childhood. Something must have happened to you that you didn’t want to remember, something so terrible that you must have blacked it out and sealed away any memory of it.

Rudy: I don’t think that’s it.

Thray: Well then, I, the Great Thray, shall take a look! Looking into memories is a cinch. And I bet I’m way more accurate than any of the counselors from around here!

Rudy: Wha? I’m fine! You think I’d let a jerk like you look inside my head!?

Thray: What?? I mean it with good intentions!

Rudy: There’s no difference between your good intentions and bad intentions!

Thray: Heh… you sure have a big mouth! The point is, if we had an unstable panicky guy like you come to Ryucross with us you’d just get in the way!

Rudy: What?!

Fal: Um… would the both of you…

Thray: Oh, I get it now. You’re just afraid I might see something bad if I looked!

Rudy: That’s not it! I just…

Thray: Ha! I was right on the mark, wasn’t I!

Rudy: Say what?! You better watch who you’re talking to!

Fal: H..hey, guys..

Fal: Jeez. The truth is, they really are good friends. And so, eventually Rudy decided to let Thray take a look at his memories.

* * *

Rudy: Thray, are you sure this is okay?

Thray: What? Still doubting me?

Rudy: I guess so. But hey, the ability to look into a persons memories is really Lutz’s power, isn’t it? If it’s not your powers, then I feel a little better about this.

Thray: Hm. Heheheh… Actually, Lutz couldn’t use this skill.

Rudy: Huh? Agh! Hold on a second!

Thray: Too late!

[sparkle glimmer]

Rudy: THRAY! God damn it… I’m losing… consciousness… Aah….. Oh, I remember now…. I was watching that same kind of sunset on that day three years ago… And then… I met that girl…

* * *

2. Rudy’s Encounter

[05:50 – 11:50]

13-Year-Old-Rudy: Sorry! Comin’ through! Heheh… that was so easy. Not to mention that girl’s purse was friggin’ loaded. That brings today’s total to…. one… two.. three…. Three, huh? That’s a pretty decent amount for not being that much. … Huh, who’s there?!

Girl: Hahhh… I’ve finally got you.

Rudy: Oh, a girl? Jeez, you scared the hell out of me.

Girl: What do you mean, “jeez”?! You stole my purse!

Rudy: What? You don’t have any proof.

Girl: What proof do I need, you’re holding it in your hand right now!!

Rudy: Er…. so what if I am?? Don’t you know who you’re dealing with? Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of Tiria’s Rudy the Great!

Girl: No.

Rudy: Huh?

Girl: So I’d like my purse back.

Rudy: If you want it back that badly, you’re gonna have to catch me first!!

Girl: I won’t let you get away!

[running, town bustling, more running]

Rudy: She’s never going to catch me now that I’ve made it this far. But wow, even though that girl was wearing a hood, she had a really pretty face. I think she’s totally my type.

Girl: No, thanks. Say what?

Rudy: Y.. you’re that girl from before! How did you..?

Girl: What’s with all this “that girl” stuff? Cut that out. My name is Nei, thank you very much.

Rudy: Oh? So you’re called Nei, huh? That’s a strange name. Oh yeah! My name’s Rudy. Rudy Ashleigh.

Nei: I didn’t ask you for your name, now did I?

Rudy: Heh, ouch. But hey, girl — er, I mean, Nei, right? You’re the first person who’s been able to keep up with me.

Nei: Oh, really. I could care less, just hurry up and giv–

[ominous roar]

Nei: Get down!

Rudy: Ahhhhhh! What the? Why is there a bio-monster this close to a town?? It’s coming towards us!

Nei: Run, hurry!

Rudy: What are you saying? Even as a joke, you think I’d high-tail it and leave a girl behind?

Nei: Ugh, you’re just going to get in the way!

Rudy: What?!

[bio-monster attacks Rudy]

Nei: See?

Rudy: I just let my guard down for a second… Allright, here I come!

Nei: Hey, wait! … Is he gunna be okay?

Rudy: If I cut his arms off I’d beat ‘im!


Rudy: Allright, now for the other arm!

[bio monster bitch slaps rudy again]

Rudy: Shit! AHHHH! I can’t move…. Shit! I’m gunna die…!

Nei: I can’t watch this anymore.

Rudy: Huh?

Nei: HAH!!!

[bio-monster gets rekt]

* * *

Rudy: That’s a claw! A beam claw, at that. Awesome!

Nei: Ahh, that’s a relief. Your injuries don’t seem serious.

Rudy: That’s so cool!

Nei: Hehehe… Well then, do you think you can give me back my purse?

Rudy: Err… sure.

Nei: Ok then, goodbye.

Rudy: Ah, wait up!

Nei: Huh?

Rudy: Even though I stole your purse, you saved my life. I guess you could say… well.. I owe you.

Nei: It’s fine, don’t worry about it.

Rudy: Even so… there’s no replacement for saving someone’s life.

Nei: You know, for being a pick-pocket you sure have a strong sense of duty.

Rudy: Well.. it’s true that I pick-pocket, and rob warehouses, but…!

Nei: You rob warehouses?? Jeez.

Rudy: Err.. no, well.. Anyway! I’m going to make sure I return the favor fully. Even if you don’t believe me.

Nei: Hmm.. You seem so surprisingly gentle…

Rudy: Er.. what?

Nei: Hmm… you have very sincere eyes. So maybe you’re not lying…

Rudy: Of course I’m not!

Nei: Hehehe, sorry, sorry. So, just what exactly are you going to do for me in return?

Rudy: Well, you’re a traveller, right? So basically, you’re searching for somewhere, or maybe for someone.

Nei: How can you tell?

Rudy: Well, with the times like this, it doesn’t really look as though you’re just sight-seeing.

Nei: That’s true. Yes, I’m searching for a certain place.

Rudy: A place?

Nei: Yeah. At an ancient historic site, there’s a dome.

Rudy: A dome?

Nei: Yeah. I’m finally close to where it should be after travelling from so far away.

Rudy: So, you still don’t know the exact location of this place.

Nei: Yeah…

Rudy: In that case, come with me.

Nei: Eh?

Rudy: From here, I’m going to go meet up with the old man who runs an information shop. I think that old guy would definitely know where the dome is, too.

Nei: Information shop?

Rudy: It’s run by this old man who’s been living around here for ages. Come on, let’s go. I’ll introduce you. Hmm? What’s with that look on your face? You don’t believe me? I gave you back your purse already!

Nei: No no, that’s not it. I was just thinking, “I’m saved”. Thank you, Rudy. I’m more than happy to accept your help. The truth is, I really don’t know this area that well at all, and I didn’t know what I was going to do.

Rudy: Oh yeah? Well, leave it to me. I’m glad I met you, Nei.

Nei: I’m glad I met you too, Rudy

* * *

3. Nei’s Dream

[11:51 – 21:21]

Nei: So ever since your orphanage went bankrupt, you’ve been living all by yourself, huh?

Rudy: Yeah. After that, me and a bunch of other orphan kids got together, and before I knew it we began pick-pocketing and robbing warehouses.

Nei: Ah, so that’s how it was. But still, no matter what reason you may have, it’s bad to steal things from other people. If your mother or father were still around, I think they would definitely say the same thing.

Rudy: Parents, huh. I can’t even remember their faces. I don’t feel anything towards them. But what about you, Nei? Where did you come from?

Nei: Huh, me? Aah, before coming to that town we were just in, I was working in Aiedo as a hunter.

Rudy: No, not that, I mean where do you live?

Nei: Huh? Um….. I live faaaaaar, far east of here. You probably wouldn’t know where it is.

Rudy: Ah, I see. Hey, can I ask you something?

Nei: Huh? What?

Rudy: About that beam claw of yours.

Nei: Er… oh, this? I got this in Aiedo.

Rudy: Oh yeah? Over there you can get stuff that awesome?

Nei: It was only by chance. I think I was really lucky.

Rudy: Oh? You have one for your left hand too?

Nei: Ye… yeah! This one broke a little bit ago….

Rudy: But isn’t it really rare?

Nei: It’s allright.. It’s okay since since I came out of it winning*.

Rudy: Yeah, that’s true. And with your skill, I’m sure one claw’s plenty.

Nei: Yep!

Rudy: Nei! You should take off your hood, you’ll feel better!

Nei: Huh? .. What should I do…

Rudy: Nei?

Nei: Ahhh.. AHHCHOO!

Rudy: Are you ok?

Nei: Ahah! I have really bad allergies… So whenever I’m outside, I have to wear this hood.

Rudy: Oh, is that so?

Nei: Yeah.

Rudy: Ah… Oh, I see it!

Nei: What is that?

Rudy: Its some ruins that I always come to. I promised the old guy who runs the information shop I told you about earlier that I’d meet up with him tomorrow morning*. So for the time being, let’s rest here for the night.

* * *

Nei: Ahhhhhhhh!

Eusis: Nei! Get ahold of yourself, Nei!

Nei: I’m sorry, Eusis…. I don’t think I’m going to make it…. It’s been fun, even though it hasn’t been very long… since I’ve been together with you, Eusis…

Eusis: What are you talking about? We’re still going to be together! Together forever! So please…

Nei: Hehe… I’m so happy…. Oh my… that’s strange… I’m supposed to be happy, but tears are coming out..

Eusis: Nei!

Nei: Eusis…. I have a favor to ask. Please don’t ever let them make another monster like me or my sister again. Promise me…..

Eusis: I understand. I promise. So please, please get ahold of yourself!

Nei: Thank you…. Eusis, I..

Eusis: Hey, Nei! Nei! NEI!!!

. . .

Nei’s Voice: Dome… Go to the dome….

* * *

Nei: Ahhhh! hahh… [panting]

Nei: That dream again…. God, I have that dream every night… just what on earth does it mean?

[ominous beeping whirring sound]

Nei: That sound, it’s moving! …. Aah, it’s coming this way! Oh no! Rudy, wake up! Rudy!

Rudy: Ehhhh, what is it? It’s still early…

Nei: Don’t be half-asleep! Hey, in the past what did this place used to be?

Rudy: Huh? What the, um…. A reaaaaaally really long time ago, I’m pretty sure this place used to be a structure….*

Nei: It’s coming! Rudy, follow me!

Rudy: What?! What’s wrong? You don’t have to pull so hard!

Rudy: What the? What the hell is going on?

Nei: There isn’t time to talk! We have to get out of here! Where’s the exit?

Rudy: We can’t leave out of the room we were just in. It’s blocked off now.

Nei: Are there any other exits?

Rudy: That’s right, there is another one. Follow me!

Nei: This door here?

Rudy: Yeah!


Rudy: It’s no good, Nei! It’s locked!

Nei: Rudy, step aside. I’ll break the lock.

Rudy: Ok

Nei: I need to power this up…

Rudy: Ahhh! Nei! It’s found us! Hurry!

Nei: I know!

Nei: Eghh!


Rudy: You did it!

Nei: Rudy, quickly! Let’s go!

Rudy: Ok! …. Ahhhh!!

Nei: Rudy! Don’t look behind you! Just run with all your might!

Rudy: Okay! Ahhhh, crap!

Nei & Rudy: AHHHHHH!!!!

[crash bang]

[sounds of running footsteps]

Nei: [pant, pant] We’ll be fine now that we’ve run this far, right?

Rudy: Yeah, you’re right. But that was a close one. Why was there that robot… ……. Huh?!

Nei: What’s wrong, Rudy?

Rudy: Nei, your ears…. what’s with your ears?

Nei: Huh? … Ahh! My hood!

Rudy: Nei… who are you….

Nei: I guess you saw my ears….

Rudy: Just what the hell are you?

Nei: Hahh…. Rudy, will you listen to my story?

Rudy: What are you..!

Nei: Please, Rudy…

Rudy: … Okay.

Nei: … It’s already been about 2 years since then. I was found in the desert nearby Aiedo. Why I had collasped in such a place, where I was born, and how I ended up there — I honestly couldn’t recall any of it.

Rudy: Amnesia?

Nei: Yeah. But then, I was able to remember some things in bits and pieces.. like my own name, and the same recurring dream I have every night, and a shining, silver dome….

Rudy: Silver dome? Is that the dome that you’ve been looking for?

Nei: Yes. If I go to the dome, I’m sure I’ll be able to understand something. That’s the feeling I have. Well, I don’t really have any other leads, though.

Rudy: Nei….

Nei: Why are my ears different from other peoples.. It’s all because of these ears that I…

Rudy: Nei….

Nei: As soon as people see these ears, I always get attacked! “You’re a monster!” “Those are demon’s ears!” is what they say.

Rudy: That’s not true at all

Nei: I want to find out. Who I am, what I am… hey, Rudy.. if you know, then tell me! Who the hell am I?

Rudy: Nei, don’t cry. Cheer up! I’m sure.. I’m sure you’ll find out! Someday you will find out the answer to who you are!

Nei: Rudy, thank you. But, good bye!

Rudy: H– Hey! Wait a second!

Nei: No… If you stay with me, I think I’m only going to burden you…

Rudy: Burden? That’s not true at all!

Nei: Rudy….

Rudy: I… I’m going to come with you no matter what you tell me, Nei. I won’t let you go by yourself! You still don’t know where the dome is, right? And besides, you saved my life and I have a debt to repay!

Nei: Rudy, I…

Rudy: Heh! You’re going to miss Rudy the Great!

Rudy & Nei: [lol lol lol]

Old Man: Mmmn? Is someone there?

Rudy: Old Man? Old Man Roy!!

Roy: Rudy, huh? What are you doing over here? You aren’t at the usual old ruins?*

Rudy: Well, that is… I don’t really understand why, but the system in there kind of attacked us, and I was this close to being killed!

Roy: Heh, what are you saying? Are you sure you weren’t just half asleep?

Rudy: It’s the truth!

Roy: If you’re trying to pull one over on me, it won’t work. I haven’t gone senile yet — Huh? What the, who’s this?

Rudy: Huh? Ah, this is Nei.

Roy: Ohh? Where did you come from? I’ve been around for a long time, but I’ve never seen someone with such long ears before.

Nei: Um, well… I… I don’t know who I am.

4. Old Man Roy

[21:22 – 35:01]

Roy: Hm, I see.

Rudy: What do you think, old man? Do ya get it?

Roy: I get the main gist of it.

Rudy: So, old man, about Nei’s silver dome…

Roy: Hm? Oh, the dome huh? Ha, of course there isn’t anything I don’t know about. But, it’s not going to be free.

Rudy: Geh, you really know your stuff, old man.

Roy: Heheheh, of course I do.

Nei: If it’s money you want, I have plenty. Please tell me about the dome.

Roy: Mmn, the dome that you’re searching for is probably ‘that place’. It’s about as far away as the village I live in. If you wanna go, I’ll tell you all about it.

Nei: Really?

Roy: Yep. Once we get to the village, I’ll make up a detailed map for you! In exchange for the map, I’ll be expecting compensation.* Are you ok with that?

Nei: Yes. Please.

Roy: Okay. So we’ve reached a settlement. Ah, now to head towards the village.

* * *

Roy: We’re finally here. No need to be shy, come on in.

Rudy: Ok, comin’ in.

Nei: Thank you.

Rudy: Wow, you’ve really cleaned the place up, eh old man? The last time I came up here you could barely move around.*

Roy: Ah, yeah I do most of my business in a new storehouse.

Rudy: Oh yeah? You’ve got a new storehouse??

Roy: I guess you could say that. Yeah, how can I help that with a klepto like you around. Oho, and weren’t you in charge of the storehouse robbing? **

Rudy: Knock it off, old man. I haven’t done anything wrong in this village.

Roy: Heh, you think that matters? I’ll say this to you — don’t you go thinking anything stupid like breaking into my storehouse. I’ve recovered ancient relics from those ruins and if you so much as touch any of them I’ll knock yer lights out!

Rudy: Knock it off, old man!

Roy: Oh yeah, and Rudy. I hear that some highly skilled hunter called Lyla has been hired to capture you.

Rudy: What?!

Roy: Yep, I heard that it was on behalf of the town*. I’d watch your back, hahaha. Ah, found it. Here it is. Hey Nei, come over here. I’ll explain the map to you.

Nei: Ok

Rudy: Hey, me too!

Roy: You’re fine over there.

Rudy: Aw c’mon, it’s not a big deal.

Roy: This is information I’m telling to Nei.That is unless you wanna pay up for it.

Rudy: Augh, old man!

Nei: It’s okay, Rudy! Let’s look together, ok Grandfather?

Roy: Well if it’s allright with you then I ain’t got no complaints. Ahh. I can’t see well — ah ok, this mark here is this village. So, leave the town through the north gate and head towards the north east. The landmark will be this rocky mountain. If you make it there, you should be able to see the dome from it. But there’s strong rumors of that place being extremely dangerous. Not a soul from this down dares to go near it. Now here, take it.

Nei: You’re a life saver!

Rudy: That’s great!

Nei: I owe it to you, Rudy!

Roy: Now then…. about that compensation.

Nei: Yes.

Roy: Hmm, that’s right.. That information is gunna be pretty costly!

Rudy: Old man, don’t take advantage! That’s in poor spirit!

Roy: What’s it to ya! Poor spirit is my nature!

Nei: How much is it? I can pay whatever amount of money you need.

Roy: Hmm.. Okay. I don’t need money.

Rudy: Eh? What’s with the sudden change in heart?

Roy: However, instead of money, I’ll take that claw you’ve got on your left arm.

Rudy: Well that figures. As soon as he sees something rare, it turns out like this.

Roy: You’re damned right.

Nei: But.. this claw is broken..

Roy: Oh, that’s fine. If it’s broken that makes it more interesting. I can take a look at it and see what makes it tick. And now that we’re on it, I wouldn’t mind having that ring around your neck too.

Nei: My.. ring?

Rudy: Now you’re just being greedy, old man!

Roy: Ooh, ya think so?

Nei: Um.. well I’d love to give it to you, but this ring won’t come off no matter what I do.

Roy: What, dont you worry. For someone like me, it’ll be a cinch. Sit right there for me.

Nei: Okay.

Roy: My, this is really quite something.

Nei: I’ve tried countless times to take it off, but it was always fruitless.

Roy: Well, it certainly is a tough gadget. But I’ll manage.

Rudy: Hey Old man, are you sure this is okay?

Roy: Yeah like you picking locks every other day.*

Rudy: Now you said it!

[jingling noises, clicking and unlocking sound]

Roy: Sit still now

Nei: Y..yes

Nei: Ahh!

Roy: Hehh. Looks like it came off somehow.

Nei: Wow, it feels so much more confortable now…

Roy: Haha, is that so? That’s good. So I’ll be taking this now.

Nei: Yes. Grandfather, thank you!

Roy: No need to thank me! I already collected the payment. Hey that reminds me. I need to get you your change. Just wait a moment. After hearing the name “Nei”, I remembered it. Here you go.

Nei: That’s a…. claw!

Rudy: Yea but it looks like an antique. What’s up with this decrepit claw?

Roy: Well, that would be from a long, long time ago, back when monsters had come to this village. A blue-haired young man who had saved this village had entrusted the weapon to one of my ancestors for hiding. He said he would come back once more for it. But that young man never again came to this town.

Rudy: Wow..

Nei: Why are you giving something so important to someone like me?

Roy: This is called the “Nei Claw”, and I’ve heard it was created for the person who bears its name.

Nei: Nei Claw…

Roy: So in the end, I think this weapon is more suited to being in your custody than in mine.

Rudy: But normally isn’t a claw something you’re supposed to wield in both hands? There’s only one of them..

Roy: Who knows. Maybe the young man only used just the one. Besides that, it was the legendary magic user Lutz who created it.

Nei: Lutz… Rudy, do you know of him?

Rudy: Lutz… nope, never heard of him. Roy, who the hell is Lutz?

Roy: Jeez, kid! How about ya read a damn book once a while!

Rudy: Eheheh..

Roy: It is told that Lutz is one of the heroes who used to travel around with Alisa Landale two thousand years ago, and together they saved Algol from evil ones. It is also told that he had some kind of incredible psychic powers, and they had the ability to travel the stars, wandering from place to place.

Rudy: Huh? What the hell is that. Is that load of bull really true?

Roy: Haha, I don’t really believe it either. I’m just telling you how the legend goes.

Nei: Is it really okay? Is it really okay to accept this claw?

Roy: I don’t mind. I told you it was your change, didn’t I? I mean your name is Nei afterall. There may just be something connecting you to that claw.

Nei: Thank you, Grandfather! I’ll treasure it!

Rudy: Looks like you’ve got some good points too, eh Old Man?

Roy: Heh heh. It’s not like I could sell an artefact passed down from my ancient ancestors. I finally got a good deal for it.

Rudy: Should have figured.

* * *

[water trinkling sounds]

Nei: Wow, how pretty!

Rudy: Yeah, this is the village’s watersource. The water pulled from here support’s the life in the village.

Nei: What a nice place.

Rudy: But.. I wonder how much is left..

Nei: What? What do you mean?

Rudy: This area is in the middle of a desert. The river is being swallowed into the desert, and if the water here stops flowing, that would be the end of the village.

Nei: Oh.. I see..

Rudy: Nei..

Nei: What?

Rudy: I hope that you discover your memories when we get to the dome.

Nei: Yeah! Thanks. But… I feel a little scared. What if it ends up being better that I didn’t remember?

Rudy: That won’t happen!

Nei: Yeah.

Rudy: Nei… Well But, I don’t want to talk like this, but.. um, if — and this is just if — your memories don’t come back, what are you gunna do?

Nei: Hmm, yeah.. I won’t have anything else to pursue. I guess I would go back to being a hunter and try to find some more leads along the way.

Rudy: Oh, yeah? Well then, if.. if it’s okay with you, together I think we…

[ominous roaring in background]

[distant screaming]

Nei: What was that? Rudy, let’s go!

* * *

[sounds of townspeople talking amongst themselves]

[Nei and Rudy huffing and panting after running]

Rudy: What happened here!?

Man: A bio-monster suddenly came inside the town! Old Man Roy is…

Rudy: Oh, no!

Nei: Bio-Monsters aren’t supposed to come to places inhabited by people!

Rudy: ROY!! Please let me through!

[people talking in background]

Rudy: Old Man! Get ahold of yourself! C’mon!

Roy: Rudy..?

Rudy: Old Man!

Roy: Nei… Where is Nei?

Nei: I’m right here, Grandfather!

Roy: Be careful… they.. the monsters were after your… ring…

Nei: Grandfather!

Rudy: Old man, get a hold of yourself!

Roy: Some kind of.. some kind of secret…. you…

Rudy: Old man!!!

Roy: Listen… Be careful…. [death rattle]

Nei: No!!

[villagers start gasping in shock]

Random villager: She’s not human!

Random villager: What is that?!

Random villager: Her ears!!

Rudy: Nei, your hood!

Nei: [gasps]

Random villager: Is she some kind of monster!?

Random villager: She’s a demon!

Rudy: What’s with you all??

Random villager: Its your fault! It’s your fault that this happened to Old Man Roy! You demon! Leave this village!

Random villager: That’s right! You monsters leave this place!

Rudy: Just hold on a minute!

Random villager: You damn demon!

Nei: Ahh!

[sounds of villagers pummelling Nei]

Rudy: Wait a minute!

Random villager: What’s wrong with you? Are you siding with the monster?

Rudy: Ju… just listen to what I have to say!

[Nei gets further mobbed by villagers. fade out.]

* * *

Nei: Rudy, I’m sorry. All because of me…

Rudy: Don’t worry about it. More importantly, let’s start heading towards the dome.

Nei: But, Rudy… What the villagers were saying was partially true. It’s my fault that Grandfather was…

Rudy: That’s not true at all!

Nei: No, it’s without a doubt. Everywhere I go, bio-monsters appear! If what Grandfather said about it being the ring’s fault is correct, we’ll be attacked again! So Rudy, I think it’s better if you don’t have anything to do with me anymo—

Rudy: What are you saying, Nei? Don’t say such pathetic things!

Nei: Rudy…

Rudy: But… if it’s true that bio-monsters are going to come after you, it’d be better if we had weapons with us. Allright. Nei! I’ll be right back, just wait for a bit, okay?

Nei: ?

Rudy: I’m gunna go to Roy’s shop and see if I can find us some weapons.

Nei: Will you be okay? Wouldn’t it be really bad if the villagers saw you doing that?

Rudy: I’ll be fine! Those guys could never catch me.

Nei: I understand. Well then, I’ll wait.

Rudy: Yeah! I’ll be going. Don’t worry! I’ll definitely come back!

Nei: Be careful!

Rudy: I’ll be right back! Don’t you go anywhere!

[sound of wind blowing by]

Nei: Rudy… I’m sorry. I’m going to go alone after all… I don’t want to cause pain to anymore people I know..

5. The Bio-Dome

[35:02 – 44:47]

Nei: This is it… the silver dome! There’s no mistake, this is it! Where’s the entrance? Oh, there it is. I remember this place…. Without a doubt… ! Ah, this switch — I can get into the interior from here. It looks like this is a dead end… Anybody? Is anybody here? Anybody? Huh? This… what the hell is this? There are people inside of these capsules?? They… they look just like me.. So does this one.. and that one, and this one too..! They all look just like me!! Just what the hell is this place?!

Voice: So you have returned, NM-1153.

Nei: Who’s there?

Voice: I am Gene, the artificial intelligence overseer of the Bio-Dome. Have you forgotten?

Nei: Gene? Bio-Dome? I don’t understand..!

Gene: It seems that when you left here, the shock from seeing the outside world caused you to lose your memories.

Nei: My memories? So then, I’m…

Gene: You are NM-1153. Based on a sample of genetic information prior to the ‘Great Collapse’, I was able to complete you by cloning the damaged portions of DNA. You are the ultimate masterpiece of the NM-1000 Series.

Nei: I’m a…. clone?! So then, that means those capsules…. That can’t be!

Gene: They are your sisters.

Nei: No! ….[breathes heavily]

Gene: What is the matter?

Nei: I’m a… clone? I’m a clone? If you’re saying that you’re the one who created me, then tell me! Who’s clone am I? Who on earth am I? And what is that same dream that I have every single night?

Gene: Dream? You have dreams? What an interesting proclamation. I do not understand very well, but let us look into this. Place both of your hands on the board in front of the monitor to your left.

Nei: Here? Something is displaying on the monitor.

Gene: According to calculations, this is not supposed to occur. Somehow, through cloning it seems that the subconscious part of the original specimen is making itself known. * In the form of dreams, it has been displaying itself to you in bits and pieces.

Nei: I want to know! I want to know everything, not just bits and pieces!

Gene: Very well. To the extent which we can, let us reveal the information that is sealed away in your subconsciousness. *

Nei: Ehh.. Uwahhh!!

* * *

Neifirst: Humans…. I hate self-centered humans!

Neisecond: But you were once a part of me!

Neifirst: You are supposed to loathe humans!

Neisecond: No! That isn’t true at all… Sister, please… Please, stop doing this!

* * *
Nei: [panting]
* * *

Eusis: Oh, I see.. You’ve been all alone this time? Well starting today, you’re not alone. I’ll be your family.

Neisecond: Family?

Eusis: Yes. So that is why we’ll always be together.

* * *
Nei: [panting]
* * *

Eusis: Nei! Get a hold of yourself! Nei!

Neisecond: I’m sorry, Eusis…. It looks like.. I’m not gonna make it….. Please…. don’t ever let them make another monster like me…. Promise me…. Promise….

* * *
Nei: Aaaaaaiiiiiiiiie! [pants]…… How…. how could another monster like me be created?! He promised me!

Gene: As a remaining system of the ‘Great Collapse’, it is my task to perform Neitype research. You were created as a step towards birthing a new race capable of surviving the harsh environment following the ‘Great Collapse’.

Nei: Birthing a new race…? You created me for a reason like that?

Gene: Certainly, that is one reason.. However, I had another purpose for creating you.

Nei: Another purpose?

Gene: That is correct. That is, to wipe out human beings, the lesser lifeforms, from existence on this planet.

Nei: Why?

Gene: You should understand that already from seeing what the outside world is like. The destruction of the inferior species is only the natural choice by laws of nature. I made a judgment based on their incapability to survive, the NM-1000 Series will be used as a step towards conservation.

Nei: I’m beginning to remember more and more.. I’m even certain that I’ve heard those same words two years ago..

Gene: That’s right, you were my ultimate masterpiece. To eliminate those archaeic humans, to open the doors to a new stage in history led by a bright, shining new race – for those reasons, you were born. … Hmm? What happened to the ring on your neck?

Nei: Ring?

Gene: It seems to have come off somehow. Not only does that ring transmit a detailed current status of your body, it also has a built-in resonance-wave device that attracts bio-monsters.

Nei: ….So it really was the ring! So then, the reason why monsters randomly appeared wherever I went was all because of that ring. All because of that ring, grandfather was killed!

Gene: Killed? Is there something wrong with that? To manipulate bio-monsters and to cause the extinction of the human species; that is your mission. I have already made the appropriate preparations. I have successfully hacked into the main system’s arsenal of weapons. Now then, under your command, go and wipe out the humans. Go out and create history as a new species, my daughter.

Nei: No, I won’t.

Gene: What is the matter? You are not supposed to be able to refuse my orders.

Nei: I could care less! I… I was better off not having any memories. Of course there were lots of horrible things about it, like not knowing why I looked different from everybody, but… I… to be born just for the purpose of killing humans.. I just can’t do that. I can’t kill Rudy or any human.

Gene: Are you saying you will not obey my orders, no matter what?

Nei: No, I won’t!

Gene: Somehow, it appears that you are defective. You will be erased.

[sounds of a capsule moving close up and then opening]

Nei: That.. looks just like me!

Gene: The neitype research has already advanced to the next level. The NM-2000 series surpasses the NM-1000 series in terms of both power and speed. 2011, it has become apparent that 1153 has gone insane. Quickly dispense of her.

NM-2011: I understand, Mother.

6. NM-2011

[44:48 – 54:12]

NM-2011: Nice to meet you, big sister.

Nei: Sister? So then, that means you’re a clone, too?!

NM-2011: That’s right. But, what a shame. Even though we finally get to meet for the first time, we have to say goodbye already.

[photon claw-type noise]

Nei: Beam claws?

NM-2011: Here I come, haaahhh!

[whoosh, crash, bam~]

Nei and NM-2011: [huff, puff, pant]

NM-2011: That was very impressive, you were able to block my attack like that. It’d be boring if it weren’t like this. Now then, how about you get your claws out?

Nei: How come we sisters need to fight against each other? Stop!

[NM-2011 laughs]

NM-2011: Right from our very beginning, we neitypes were created by those foolish humans to become weapons of war. The value of a neitype is based completely on strength alone. Sister, you are said to be the ultimate masterpiece of the NM-1000 series. For me, defeating you would be reaffirming my existence.

Nei: No, that can’t be!

NM-2011: Yes, it can. Just being able to fight a strong opponent makes me happy.

Nei: Well, I am different! I’m –!

NM-2011: [giggles] You’re naïve. But you know, if you don’t defeat me, you’re only going to die.

Nei: No….

NM-2011: So then, give it up and get your claws out. No matter what experiences you may have had, you are stll a neitype like me, sister. We were created to fight, there’s no changing that! How about you start getting ready?

[Nei sighs]

Nei: I guess we have no other choice but to fight.

[Nei turns on her beam claw]

NM-2011: Oh my, sister. So you only have a claw for your right arm?

Nei: I have a claw for my left arm, too.

NM-2011: [giggles] It looks pretty old to me. Fine then. Me, too.

[metal is heard clanking onto the floor]

Nei: What are you thinking, throwing your claw away on the ground?!

NM-2011: This way, I’ll only have my right hand claw too. Just think of the claw on your left hand as my handicap. Considering how you’ll soon die anyway, this is my parting gift to you. Here I come, old-version sister! Hahh!


Nei: She disappeared! .. Where is she? [gasps] ..Above?! No.. she’s no where!

NM-2011: Where are you looking? I’m right here!

Nei: How the.. When did you…? Right in front of me!

NM-2011: You’re too slow!

[ SMACK! ]

Nei: Ahhhhhhhhh!

[Nei crashes and goes flying, gasping as she lands]

NM-2011: You’re pathetic. Can’t you even fight back?

Nei: This can’t be… I.. can’t…. read her movements…. unghhh…

Gene: Good work. But with your power and speed, this was to be expected. Now then, go finish off 1153.

NM-2011: It’s a shame. I was thinking I could have a little more fun with her, but it looks like my hopes were too high! Diiiiiiiiiiiiiie!

[crash boom!]

NM-2011: What? You dodged it?

Nei: I let my guard down a little earlier, but now your attacks won’t work so well now.

NM-2011: Heh, how clever of you, sister. I’m happy.

[whoosh bang]

Nei: Nnnnghhh!

NM-2011: [pants] So strong… with this power and speed… you wouldn’t think that you’re an old-version..

[more slashing and whooshing and ‘nnnghhhs!’ are heard]

Nei: How nice!*

[more slashing, wooshing]

Nei: Augh! My beam claw’s energy is running out at a time like this?! Ugh..

NM-2011: You have no where left to run. It seems this is as far as you’re going to go. Looks like you’re out of luck, sister.

Nei: What should I do… Rudy…

NM-2011: It’s over now!

[crashing sound, followed by zapping noise]

NM-2011: That’s impossible… a metal claw is able to stop my beam claw?

Roy’s Voice: This is called the “Nei Claw”, and I’ve heard it was created for the person who bears its name.

NM-2011: But.. this power… it’s…

Nei: I’m …..!

NM-2011: Why….. [gasps] Why is it able to hold back my beam? The beam claw is losing!?

Nei: I’m… [pants].. not going to lose!

NM-2011: That’s… that’s impossible…

Nei: I won’t lose! Aiiie!

[Nei charges at NM-2011]

NM-2011: Damnit! The beam’s energy is running out… Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

[NM-2011 collapses and starts gasping for air]

NM-2011: [gasps] You…. win. It looks like… this is it… for me..

Nei: I… knew… I knew this would happen.. That’s why I said it was wrong to fight. And now I’ve only repeated the same mistake again. I’m sorry… I’m sorry…

[Nei begins sobbing]

NM-2011: Why are you crying? Are you trying to console the loser? Ungh…gnn.. if you are, that’s foolish. You know, we neitypes…. have an innate weakness. Our short lives… no matter what we do, we only have 3 or 4 years of life. And the same applies to you, sister.

Nei: No…

NM-2011: So.. that’s why.. that’s why I tried to create meaning to my life by fighting.

[NM-2011 collapses again, presumably out of Nei’s lap]

Gene: …The defeat of 2011… is not something that was supposed to happen…

Nei: How could someone like you…. How could someone like you even understand?!?! You can only see living beings as just a bunch numbers and code! I won’t allow these experiments go on any more! Ahhhhhhh! AHHHH!

[sounds of machinery being torn apart ]

Gene: Stop that, 1153. Those capsules contain your sisters in them.

Nei: I’ve had enough! I’ve had enough of people being killed!

[more machinery can be heard being torn apart]

Nei: And with me.. with me I’ll make it the last…! [pants]

Gene: At this rate, the fruits of my experiments will be destroyed.. Initiate System Defense! Initiate System Defense!

[sirens begin to go off]

[Nei starts gasping]

Nei: What.. what’s that?

Robot: Target confirmed. Target confirmed.

Nei: An armed combat robot? Ahhhh!

[Nei is attacked by robot]

Nei: Why, you..! Hahhhh!

[Nei attempts to attack but doesn’t succeed]

Nei: [gasping] I’m done for.. I don’t stand a chance with this claw. This is terrible… I guess this is it for me..

[A crash is heard from farther away]

Rudy: NEEEIIII! Are you okay?!

Nei: Huh? What’s that?

Rudy: Here you go, eat this bomb!

[Rudy is heard smashing some robot]

Nei: Rudy? Rudy, is that you??

Rudy: Hey, that was mean of you to leave me back there! Hahah.

Nei: Rudy… thank you….. [cries]

Rudy: Uh oh, we better talk later. Right now we gotta get out of here.

Nei: Yeah!

Rudy: Is that the exit over there?

Nei: That’s it.

Rudy: All right, let’s hurry up! … Gah, it’s blocked off! Only one bomb left.. Here goes!


Rudy: It’s no use. These ancient bombs aren’t effective enough.

[Mechanical whirring and clicking noises are heard closing in]

Rudy: Nei, look out! Gehhh!

[Rudy pushes Nei out of the way]

Nei: Rudy! Your leg…!

Rudy: Nnghhh.. Nei, at least you should escape!

Nei: I’m not leaving you here, Rudy!

Rudy: Shit, and we made it this far….

[A loud rumbling sound starts up]

Rudy: Wh.. what is that?

Nei: An earthquake?

Rudy: No, it’s not! Look at that wall over there!

Nei: The wall.. it’s turning red and melting?

[Rumbling continues to grow louder]

Nei: What is that? A tank?

Rudy: I don’t know, but… I don’t think it’s a tank. It’s the first time I’ve seen something like that.

Robot: Target Resistance. Initiating the destruction of CXR-31, the Land Buster.

[sounds of the vehicle’s door opening]

Forren: I will take on the Defense System. Frena, bring the two people that your sensor detected onboard the Land Buster.

Frena: Yes, Master.

7. Nei’s Promise

[54:13 – 64:39]

[boop-boop-boop sound of buttons being pressed]

Forren: Stop your attack at once. I will wait only 5 seconds. If you do not stop….

[Forren pauses for a couple of seconds]

Forren: …. 3, 2, 1….. I will now initiate attack.

[sounds of Forren’s gun powering up and then blasting, followed by silence]

[The sounds of ‘boop-boop-boop’ button pressing]

Frena: Are the two of you all right?

Rudy: What in the world are you guys?

Frena: My name is Frena. And over there is my master, Forren.

Nei: You guys aren’t human, are you?

Frena: No, both my master and I are androids.

Rudy: What’s an android?

Nei: They’re basically human machines.

Rudy: Whaaat? They’re machines? They sure don’t look like it.

Frena: Oh, I’m honored you say so. Now then, the two of you should hurry into the Land Buster.

Rudy: What?

Frena: It’s dangerous here. Now, hurry!

Rudy: But…!

Nei: Rudy, you’re injured. We should just retreat for now.

Rudy: Yeah..

[sounds of Forren’s gun blasting and breaking through something]

Forren: Gene. Gene. Gene. Gene! Answer me.

Gene: Master Forren.

Forren: It’s been awhile, hasn’t it Gene. As the Algol system maintenance manager, I order you to surrender total control of the Bio-Dome system at once.

Gene: I refuse your order.

[Sparks are heard]

Forren: Gene, did you really think you could control Motavia by destroying mankind? Was this a judgment you made?

Gene: I refuse to answer. I refuse to answer.

[Sparks are heard again]

Forren: How strange. As suspected, your condition is far too abnormal. In order to investigate the cause as well, it seems I have no choice but to repair your AI values.

Gene: I refuse.

[The sound of a large machine being powered off can be heard. Alarms and sirens are heard shortly after.]

Forren: What is this?

[More boop-boop-boop noises]

Frena: Master, my sensor has confirmed that a self-destruct device has been initiated.

Forren: Is that so. How much time remains until detonation?

Frena: With this type, the detonation will occur in 200 seconds.

Forren: Is it possible to cancel it?

Frena: No, it’s impossible. It is in a completely sealed off area from here.

Forren: Well then, it seems I don’t have a choice. Until we need to make our escape, we should load some of the capsules containing neitypes onboard.

Frena: Unfortunately, we do not have the time, master.

Forren: But…

Nei: Please, could you leave my sisters alone..

Forren: And you are..?

Nei: Please.

Forren: [pauses briefly] Frena, cancel the loading of the capsules. Change course of action to escape procedure at once.

Frena: Roger.

Nei: Thank you.

Forren: Now then, hurry and get into the Land Buster. We will be leaving.

Nei: Yes.

[doors close]

Forren: Okay, Frena. Please depart.

Frena: Where shall we go?

Forren: Let’s see… for now, let’s head over to Seed.

[the Land Buster takes off]

* * *

Rudy: Ooh, a dome..!

[Land Buster comes to a stop]

Nei: These rows of capsules are exactly the same as the ones from the other place!

Forren: Yes, they are. This is the Bio-Plant run by Seed. It is the greatest research facility that we have.

Nei: This place is no different than that other one.

Forren: Nei.

Nei: Why? Why is this research continued?

Forren: Nei, you and the other neitypes were not created for the misguided purpose of killing mankind, nor were you all created just to become a weapon.

Nei: What?

Forren: Without the support of the environmental maintenance system, mankind was unable to survive. Because of that, we thought to quickly create a human race with stronger vitality for the rough environment.

Nei: But.. because of that, my sisters and I ended up being manipulated.

Forren: Sisters? They’re clones, but to you they would be sisters, I see. It is a shame for them.

Nei: Me and my sisters weren’t created for the purpose of killing people, right?

Forren: Right.

Nei: Thank you… But you know, I still don’t want the research to be continued. I’m not saying that I won’t allow it or anything like that. It’s just that.. you never know if this place could end up like Gene one day, too. Forren, I know this may be rude… but I honestly can’t trust the system here.

Forren: I understand your feelings. I cannot say that this place will not end up like Gene.

Nei: If that’s the case, then I wonder if we’ll all end up having to kill each other again.

Forren: I don’t have any guarantee for you that neitypes will never be used for evil purposes again. However, under no circumstance can I allow this project to be discontinued. The reason for that is because you neitypes are our last remaining hope.

Nei: The last hope? I’m..hope? Do you really think so?

Forren: Of course.

Nei: My little sisters…. I wonder if they can ever become happy, being born into those bodies.

Forren: Nei.

Nei: I’m going to stay here. To make sure you guys don’t repeat the same mistake. And, to make sure that these girls really can become that kind of hope one day.

Forren: Is that so. Shall Rudy return to the town of Tiria? He has come to know quite a lot of things now. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to erase both of your memories.

Nei: No way..!

Rudy: Nei!

Nei: Rudy, is your leg okay now?

Rudy: Oh man, the medical technology here is awesome! There isn’t even a scratch left. What’s the matter, Nei? You’re making such a sad face.

Nei: Rudy.

Rudy: Why’re you being formal?

Nei: Rudy, this is goodbye.

Rudy: Whaat? What’s going on, all of a sudden?

Nei: I’m sorry, Rudy.

Forren: Rudy, you have seen and heard quite a few things now. I will have to dispose of your memories.

Rudy: Hey, hey, now wait a minute! That’s just too selfish!

Forren: You are still young. It would make you happier not knowing. Please understand.

Rudy: Nei, why?

Nei: I’m not a human. I’m going to stay here. So good bye, Rudy.

Rudy: What’s going on? I don’t get it. Why do I have to say goodbye to you? You say it’s because you’re not human, but I don’t even care about that!

Nei: Thank you. It makes me really happy that you feel that way. But you know, Rudy, even though we’re able to talk with each other and laugh with each other, we’re still far too different from each other. Yes, for instance, humans can have children and give their lives meaning.* But you know I.. er, no, we neitypes.. aren’t able to do that. Moreover, our lifespan lasts only 3 or 4 years. It’s so short that you can’t even compare it to a human’s.

Rudy: No way, that’s just too awful!

Nei: Yes, it is. But you know, I was told that they’re working on making neitypes that won’t be like that. They’ll be able to live just like humans do. So that’s why I’m going to stay here, and use the remaining time I have left striving to bring happiness to my sisters. I’m doing this so that I may be able to face all my big sisters and little sisters who have already died, so I can make atonements. So please, understand, Rudy.

Rudy: Nei, I… I don’t want to forget about you, Nei. Even though it’s only been a short while, even with the things we’ve had to go through, …. Nei, I love y–

Nei: Oops! Stop right there. [giggles] If I were to hear the rest of that, I may end up not letting you leave at all.

Rudy: But I..

Nei: You should hold onto those words until you really find the right someone who’s important to you.

Rudy: Nei, am I really, really never going to be able to see you again?

Nei: No, I’m sure we’ll meet again. I mean, all my sisters are going to be here, and so will I. I’m sure there will be a day when neitypes are able to live the same way as humans. And when that time comes, when that time comes surely, Rudy, I will see you again.

Rudy: Well.. then let’s make it a promise.

Nei: Okay.

Rudy: This promise… this promise is the only promise that can’t be broken!

Nei: Yes.

Rudy: I mean it. I’ll be waiting. I’ll always be waiting.

Nei: Of course, Rudy. Even if you don’t remember…

* * *

8. Epilogue

[64:40 – 68:15]

[Sounds of the wind blowing]

Fal: Rudy. Rudy!

Rudy: Ah… aungh…

Fal: Get a hold of yourself, Rudy.

Rudy: Where am I? Oh yeah, Thray knocked me out..

Fal: Are you okay, Rudy?

Rudy: How long was I asleep?

Fal: Only for a little bit.

Rudy: Oh, is that right. I feel like I just had some kind of really long dream.

Fal: Oh yeah! Rudy, you would start smiling, and then suddenly start crying.

Rudy: O.. oh, I did? Umm.. so then, does that mean that you were watching me the whole time?

Fal: Er.. um.. no, I mean… ah…. Hahahahaha! Gosh, now I’m embarrassed, Rudy, you dummy!

[Fal hits Rudy]

Rudy: Oww, what the hell.

[footsteps are heard approaching]

Thray: Oh, Rudy, you’ve come to, huh?

Rudy: Hey, Thray. How was it? Did you figure anything out?

Thray: Huh? [to himself] What’s with this guy? Does he not remember anything?

Rudy: Thray, what’s wrong?

Thray: Huh?

Rudy: Is there something on your mind?

Thray: Oh, no no no, nothing like that. It’s just that, actually, I didn’t really figure anything out, either.

Rudy: Hmmm, I see. I guess I feel kinda sad.

Thray: But don’t you feel a little bit refreshed?

Rudy: Yea, it almost feels like some kind of weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Thray: Oh yeah? Well that’s goo–

Rudy: But at any rate, it looks like your powers ain’t that big a deal, ‘ey Thray? Other than the powers you inherited from Lutz, it seems like your powers don’t do anything.

Thray: Wh.. what was that, Rudy?! Why you little!

Rudy: But it’s the truth, ain’t it? I mean, you said you didn’t figure anything out.

[Thray grits his teeth]

Rudy: Nyah, nyah~!

Thray: You know, I did this whole thing with you in mind!

Rudy: Heeeey, you’re a fraud. Fraud! Fraud! Hehehe.

Thray: F.. f… fraud?! You think I’m gunna just sit here and let you say that, why you.. you… SHORTY!

Rudy: Ahhhh! You know how much that bothers me!

Thray: How was that? Does it hurt? Does it piss you off? I’ll say it over and over again. Shorty, shorty, shorty, shorty!!!

Rudy: Grrrr. It’s that kinda stuff that makes you so immature! It’s not like you’re a kid anymore!

Thray: You’re the kid!

Fal: Here they go again. Jeez.

Forren: The maintenance on the Landale is finished. Oh, they’re at it again, are they?

Fal: Yeah, they are. Allright…. Rudy!

Rudy: Huh? Yes?

Fal: Let’s go! The maintenance is done.

Rudy: Ah.

Fal: Come on, let’s go!

Rudy: Okay, just wait a minute.

Fal: Nope, no way. Everytime I leave you alone, you and Thray get into a fight.

Rudy: Oh, really?

Fal: Yes. [under her breath] I wish you’d pay a little attention to me, sometimes…

Rudy: Huh, did you say something?

Fal: Dummy.

Thray: Did you know about it?

Forren: About what?

Thray: About what happened with Rudy and Nei 3 years ago.

Forren: Yes, what about it?

Thray: Jeez. You just go along hiding your thoughts from everyone.

Forren: No one asked me, so I didn’t say anything about it. And besides, Fal has safely inherited Nei’s will.

Thray: She has, huh.

Rudy: So you were staring at my face the whole time, huh?

Fal: What? It.. it doesn’t matter! Not at all! Rudy, you meanie! Dummy! Go away, meanie!

[Rudy laughs over the last half of Fal’s outbursts]

. . .

Nei’s Voice: Rudy…. I kept our promise.