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Phantasy Star: Alisa’s Adventure

An English translation of the Japan exclusive CYOA novel that fleshes out the story of Phantasy Star I — starring Alisa (Alis) Landale, Myau, Tyrone (Odin), & Lutz (Noah).

It requires a pen & paper to follow along & keep track of your progress.

(266 pages)

PS Drama CD: ~Sealed Memories~

An English translation of the audio drama CD that takes place 3 years before PSIV: End of the Millennium.

The cast features famous JP voice actors from big shows like Sailor Moon, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Naruto, etc.

(68 min)

SPEC: Sega Players Enjoy Club

A selection of translated manga drawn by various Sega staff. Nine issues were published from 1988-1993.

It has works by Yoshibon!, Judy Totoya, and Phoenix Rie.

Featuring “Prologue Story”, “Outside Saga”, and “Third!”

(Several chapters)



Continuity Guide

Alsulin or Alshline? Noah or Lutz? Cross-reference continuity guide for differing translations across the classic games.



Gallery containing Fan Art and Official Art



Bilingual glossary of names, locations, items across all the classic games.


Fun Facts

Random tidbits and facts from interviews and other sources


Algol Timeline

From Before Waizz to After Waizz; coming soon



Links to different PS sites, twitter links, useful links for translation tools, etc.

Latest updates:

  • Updated Alisa’s Adventure

    Updated Alisa’s Adventure

    The PDF for Alisa’s Adventure has been updated, mostly just formatting, but some other minor changes and fixes have been made to the text, for instance: That’s it for now! Take care guys.

    Read more: Updated Alisa’s Adventure
  • Some updates

    Some updates

    Hi guys! Just some small updates — there’s a new section “Fun facts“, with a list of randon fun facts about classic PS. The list only has 9 things on it right now, but will grow as I think of more/find more. If anyone has any suggestions of fun facts to add, pls let me…

    Read more: Some updates
  • Memi’s 30th Anniversary Fanbook

    Memi’s 30th Anniversary Fanbook

    Hi guys! I posted about this on twitter, but in case anyone doesn’t know yet — Memi Aizawa released a fanbook to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Phantasy Star IV. It features: Buy your copy here! It ships outside Japan!! ✌️🙏✨❤️

    Read more: Memi’s 30th Anniversary Fanbook

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